MohammadAli Allahverdi


One More Story

2018 , Acrylic colour & mixed media on canvas, 120*100cm

Manchester Cola

“Manchester Cola” , 2020 , Acrylic On Canvas, 100*100cm

Shadow Endeavour

“ Shadow Endeavour “ , 2020 , Acrylic On Canvas , 100*100cm

In My Mind

2019 , Acrylic colour & mixed media on canvas, 120*100 cm

With You

2019, Acrylic colour and mixed media on canvas, 80*70cm


“ Mythomania “ , 2020, Acrylic Colours & Mixed Media On Canvas, 150*150 cm

Dreams In The Mist

“Dreams In The Mist“ , 2020, Acrylic Colours & Mixed Media On Canvas , 100* 100 cm

No Doubt About It

“ No Doubt About It “ , 2021, Acrylic Colours & Mixed Media On Canvas, 100* 100 cm

Everything Is Keeping You Here

“ Everything Is Keeping You Here “ , 2021 , Acrylic Colours & Mixed Media On Canvas, 100*100 cm

Perhaps Greasy

“ Perhaps Greasy “, 2021 , Acrylic Colours On Canvas, 70*60 cm

Gumming For Glory

“Gumming For Glory“, 2021, Acrylic Colours & Mixed Media On Canvas, 80*40 cm

United Soup

“ United Soup “ , 2021 , Acrylic Colours on Canvas, 90*70 cm


2018 , Acrylic colour and mixed media on Canvas, 80*70 cm

Narrow way

2019, Acrylic colour and mixed media on canvas, 90*70 cm

A Bright Day

Acrylic colour and mixed media on canvas, 70*60cm

About Me


A review of childhood memories in different time layers after passing through a formalistic visual system has become a discourse in which it uses an organized nostalgia for reading pictures.

The transition from the realm of self-exisence in privacy to the public realm of artworks,has preserved the multifacted works,in the time tunnel from the past to the present in the form of a still life and created the inner world of the artist

A series of confrontations and differences that imply antology and cognition of individual identity to make a presence in the collective world,and a volume of calligraphic letters as the last level on the artworks,all and all,are on atempt to hear this fragmented speaker object.At the same time,it requires audiences,reflection following its own methodology for reading this volume of images.

The subject of this artworks is a reference to return to oneself, a comeback in the wake of a return that is embodied in the context of the eruption of various images and sometimes pop culture in the opening of an invisible cocoon and the transition from the outer layers to the innermost components as an allegory for crossing the calligraphy realm into an inner and completely personal realm.

Solo Exhibitions

-Figurative Side Of Imagination : Haft Samar Art Gallery,Tehran Iran,2009

-Personal Images : Cama Art Gallery,Tehran,Iran,2020

Selected Group Exhibitions

-Put Your Mask On: Cama Art Gallery,Tehran Iran,2020

-Selected Artists:White Line Art Gallery,Tehran,Iran,July 2018

-Selected Artists:White Line Art Gallery,Tehran,Iran,Febuary 2018

-Selected Artists:Art Gallery No:1,Tehran,Iran,June 2007

-Selected Professors Of Faculty Of Art & Architecture Of Azad University:Atbin Art Gallery,Tehran,Iran,January 2005

-Selected Artists:Darya Beygi Art Gallery,Tehran,Iran,December 2004

-Selected Artists:Darya Beygi Art Gallery,Tehran,Iran,November 2003

-Selected Artists:Darya Beygi Art Gallery,Tehran,Iran,June 2003

-Selected Artists:Firoozeh Art Gallery,Tehran,Iran,November 2002

-Big Summer Exibition:Golestan Art Gallery,Tehran,Iran,August 1996

-100 Art Work From 100 Artists:Golestan Art Gallery,Tehran,Iran,August 1995

-Selected Tehran's Top Students:Tehran University,Tehran,Iran,February 1994


Former member of The Society Of The Canadian Artists,SCA.


Classic Postmodern Painting,Honar Nameh,Quarterly Journal Of Arts Research,University Of Art,Volume 4,No.12,Autumn 2001,Tehran,Iran

An analysis of Deleuze's concept of time(or duration)in photomontage photography,the quarterly journal of philosophial investigations,University of Tabriz,Vol 16,issue:38 / Sprint 2022


-MA degree in "Art Research", Faculty Of Art & Architecture,Azad University,Tehran,Iran,1998

-BA degree in "Painting", Faculty Of Art & Architecture,Azad University,Tehran,Iran,1994

-Elite Diploma in Calligraphy,Society Of Iraninan Calligraphers,1988.

-Senior Proficiency Certificate in English from Iran Language Institute,Tehran,Iran,1990

Teaching Background

Teaching different courses in"Visual Arts" such as "Drawing", "Painting", "Basic Visual Technics" and more to graduate & undergraduate students as permanent member of the authorities of the educational board of the Faculty Of The Art & Architectue,Azad University,Tehran,Iran from 1999 until now.


Article: "Canvases worth seeing",published by "Emtiaz", The Iranian cultural and artistic most famous morning bewspaper,December 2009.